3 Important Reasons Dogs Need to Be Inside a Crate In a Car

3 Important Reasons Dogs Need to Be Inside a Crate In a Car

While some animal activists may condemn the practice of crate training, I beg to disagree with their complaints about this common practice.

Organizations like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) compare placing dogs in these temporary enclosures to putting them into prison. They point out cruel training techniques and keeping animals confined for long periods of time, but that’s the owner’s fault and not how many canines feel about being in a crate.

Since dogs are inherently “den” animals, most of them feel perfectly safe and content inside this temporary confine. Crate training a dog, or even a cat for that matter, is a relatively simple process and it’s the safest option when it comes to transporting our pets.

Here Are Three Reasons Why Crates Are the Safest Place for a Dog, Especially When You’re Driving:

#1 – Accidents

There’s many dangers associated with being involved in an automobile accident, when our dog is traveling with us, they’re also at risk for injury and death. This is probably the biggest reasons why dogs should be crated when they’re in a car, for example:

  • Airbags: While these safety devices help to save many lives, they’re designed for full grown, adult human beings and not pets or small children. A blow from one of these can cause serious injury or even death for an animal or child.
  • Escape: If your windshield or window is broken as the result of a crash, your canine can escape and runs the risk of becoming lost, disorientated or even seriously injured or killed by another motorist.
  • First Responders: In case you’re injured or unable to assist your dog following a collision, when emergency personnel or other first responders arrive on the scene, they need simply lift your canine by the crate’s handle, quickly and safely remove them to safety.
  • Projectiles: Many people don’t realize flying objects, anything from a cell phone to a can of food, can cause a serious injury or death in some cases during an auto accident.

For all of these reasons, your beloved four-legged friend is much safer inside of a crate rather than simple sitting on a seat, even if they’re buckled in.

#2 -Distractions

As any parent of a two-legged child knows, the distraction of little ones in a car, even canines, can be more dangerous than it is annoying. Safely confined in their crate, you can give your dog treats, chew toys and other methods of making them more comfortable and less of a hassle on the road. They’re most likely to go to sleep anyway, regardless of their location inside the vehicle.

#3 – Out of the Window

While many of us may envision a dog coming along for the ride being associated with them sticking their head out the window with their tongue out and ears flapping in the wind. But this is another peril for our pets when it comes to traveling. Not only could they fall or jump out of the moving vehicle, they’re also at an increased risk of getting hit by flying debris, bugs and other objects. They also could suffer from lung, eye and ear infections from the passing breeze that can contain pollen, smoke, diesel and gas fumes.

Forget the hype about prisons comparisons when it comes to dog crates since canines are perfectly comfortable inside these temporary structures. They’re much more like a portable dog house with a handle than they are compared to a cage.

Amber KingsleyAmber Kingsley

Amber Kingsley is a freelance writer whom has donated countless hours supporting her local shelters.  With writing, she has spent most of her research on animals with regards to food, health and training.

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