3 Important Tips for Dog Park Etiquette

3 Important Tips for Dog Park Etiquette

Summer is almost here and that means it is time to get your pup, pack up your car seat covers for dogs, and head out for an adventure.

Dog parks are a great place to take your pup this summer. They offer your dogs a fun and safe place to play and socialize with other pups. Some dog parks even have lakes or fun water fixtures so your pup can cool off after romping around. While dog parks can be a fun place where your dog can let loose, there are etiquette rules that all dog owners should be aware of and follow in order to ensure you both have an enjoyable experience.

Scoop Their Poop

This is a rule that every dog owner should be familiar with. Whether you are taking your pooch for stroll through the neighborhood or to the doggie park, it is common courtesy to clean up after your pup. Many dog parks provide bags and trash cans for this reason, but if they don’t have the supplies you need, be sure to bring your own so your pup doesn’t leave a mess.

No Puppies

While we understand that you want to start socializing your puppy as soon as possible, PETA says it is not a great idea to take your new pup to the dog park before they are 4 months old. Before this age, puppies do not have the vaccinations they need, which can put them, as well as other dogs, in danger of contracting an illness. there is also the chance that your pup could become injured or scared while playing with the larger, older dogs.

No Food

It is never a good idea to take treats or food to the dark park. While it is perfectly fine and recommended that you bring water, food and other doggie treats can start a fight. Dogs can be territorial and may not like to share so always play it safe and leave the food at home.

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