3 National Parks That Are Dog-Friendly

3 National Parks That Are Dog-Friendly

Summer is the perfect time to take an exciting road trip with your furry best friend. With so many beautiful places to see right here in the U.S., you don’t need to spend a lot of money on an exotic vacation.

Plus, odds are that you won’t be able to take your pup along with you to a fancy resort. So, this summer, instead of traveling halfway around the world, try taking a trip to visit one of these gorgeous, dog-friendly, national parks that are right in our back yard.

Grand Canyon National Park

Located in Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park is a great place for you and your pup to venture to this summer. Home to one of the seven wonders of the world, the breathtaking Grand Canyon, this park is perfect for adventurers vacationing with their pups. While your dog must be on a leash at all times, this park still offers a great opportunity for you and your pooch to get out and explore what nature has to offer.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Located in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park is another great place for you and your dog to venture to. While dogs are not allowed on the trails or in the backcountry, you and your pup can still feel free to roam around and explore all of the beauty the park has to offer. Dogs are permitted in most areas with vehicle access, including picnic areas and campgrounds. Like always, your pup must be kept on a leash.

Yosemite National Park

Located in California and recognized for its Giant Sequoia Groves, Yosemite National Park is definitely a place to add to your list of vacation destinations. With several dog-friendly walking areas, as well as a stretch of paved, dog-friendly trails, you and your pup can go explore all of the natural beauty this park has to offer. Again, all dogs must remain on a leash.

What are you waiting for?

With so many places to explore, it is time to grab your dog, your stuff, and your dog seat cover and head out on the open road.


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