5 Reasons Your Dog Needs Their Own Bed

5 Reasons Your Dog Needs Their Own Bed

We all love our beds, and if you don’t, you probably don’t have the right one! So it should be just as important to get a good one for your dog too.

They deserve to be comfortable and relaxed and this should be top of your shopping list for man’s best friend. Not only that, but it gives them their own space for privacy and security.

We hope you don’t need anymore convincing but here are 5 reasons your dog needs their own space.

Your Pooch Needs Privacy!

We all know that dogs are great social animals. They love being with their owners and playing but they also need some time alone. Dog beds let them chill out, play with their toys or just lie down quietly. They get a space of their own and somewhere to retreat to if it all gets a bit much.

It’s Good For Their Joints and Bones

If you don’t get your dog their own proper bed, they’re just going to be all over the other furniture in the house. Or in the middle of the floor. Neither of these situations is ideal. It could mean they lie in positions which are uncomfortable for them and affect their postural health. Hard floors are difficult to sleep on, so you could end up with an irritable dog because they aren’t sleeping properly.

We recommend picking a softer dog bed, such as our Chelsea dog bed that is also anti-odour. This can help dogs with weak joints, or overweight dogs to help with their body posture.

Protect Them From the Weather

Dogs are very sensitive to temperature changes which means sleeping on the floor is never a good option. They need to be protected from the cold in the winter and need respite from the heat in the summer. When they have their own separate bed it can help to maintain their body temperature and protect them from the weather.

Keep Fur Off the Furniture

We know that furniture can cost a pretty penny these days. The last thing you want is for it to be covered in dog fur and doesn’t always look the prettiest. Giving them their own bed can help to keep them off the furniture (we know this isn’t always easy!) and try and keep most of their fur in one place. This means it is easier for you to clean and preserve your furniture for a little longer.

Help Prevent Injuries

This is truer for the smaller dogs or puppies. They might hurt themselves when trying to get on or off furniture that is too high for them. If you sleep in the same bed as your dog, there is a risk of injury for them when getting up or down. If they have their own bed that is designed specifically for dogs this can take care of that and them.

These are just a few benefits your dog will experience when they have their own bed. It’s the least we can do for our furry friends. We also have some great options!

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