5 Ways for Dog Lovers to Work in an Animal Related Field

5 Ways for Dog Lovers to Work in an Animal Related Field

Who doesn’t love dogs? Their wagging tails, wet noses, and loving personalities make them a popular companion in the animal world.

If you love dogs, and other animals, there is a job waiting for you in the world of animal related careers. Whether you’re interested in creating things for them, working with them, helping them, studying them, or saving them, there is a job that will allow you to do that. Not only is the pet industry booming, but there’s also a great need for animal lovers in the other animal mediums to keep them safe and cared for. If you are looking for a career that will blend your professional life with your love of dogs, there’s a job out there that can do that in a variety of different ways.


Dogs can be trained for a variety of different things: basic obedience training, service dog training, or various types of working dog training. Many dogs, bred for working or not, love to please. Trainers bring the pleasers out of each animal and helps them reach their full potential. Animal trainers of all types have to have certain attributes in order to be successful including patience, a complete understanding of each animal’s natural instincts, and the ability to market yourself.

The training opportunities don’t stop with dogs; there are many animals that benefit from great trainers. There’s nothing quite like seeing an animal flourish in front of you and feel the excitement of grasping a training method – no one knows that quite like the trainers behind each animal.


Lifestyle careers with animals range from dog grooming, pet photography, dog walking, being a kennel attendant, or creating products for dogs – among many others. Working in an animal lifestyle career is an open ended option that will vary based on each person’s interests with animals, dogs or otherwise. You have the ability to pick which way you’d like to work with these animals or be a one-stop-shop and offer a little bit of everything. Marketing yourself and creating a clientele is a must in this field, but the freedom to work with animals in your chosen capacity makes it all worth it.


The science side of animal related careers involves a little bit of everything. You can study dog behavior, animal psychology, or other types of social or medical research. The more we know about animals, the better we can help them. So if you’re interested in research, the scientific side of animal related careers may be perfect. Not only can you help dogs or other domesticated animals, you also have the ability to help many wild animals in this field.

Animal conservation, zoology, and marine biology are other extremely important careers that focus on keeping animals safe and treated fairly. Animal researchers have made huge impacts on canine and human populations all over the world with things like discovering the parvovirus and how dogs improve mental health in people.


Veterinary medicine is a career that not only helps animals in a pragmatic way but is also a lucrative career choice for those passionate about animal health. Whether you work as a standard veterinarian, a vet tech, an animal nutritionist, or a specialized technician, you are helping to keep animals healthy.

There are also health careers for other types of animals such as a wildlife rehabilitator or a veterinarian that specializes in exotic animals. Those that study animals or work in animal welfare offer information and ideas that greatly benefit the overall health of animals, and veterinarians offer the technical side of that application. It can be an extremely difficult and draining job, but also one that offers a ton of accomplishment for the dogs and other animals you are passionate about helping.


Animal welfare is a career choice in which you have an extremely active role in helping animals that can’t help themselves. Whether it’s animal rescue, animal advocacy, becoming an animal welfare lawyer, opening a shelter, or working as a humane investigator you’ll be on the front lines of animal safety ensuring animals are being treated fairly. Working in animal welfare is the prime example of choosing a career in terms of job satisfaction and making a difference. Those in this career see the worst but mean the most in terms of animal safety and support. If you’re serious about helping animals and have an extremely strong will, working in animal welfare may be the perfect way for you to work around the animals you love.

Dogs are amazing creatures – loving, loyal, and eternally grateful to have you near them. Each of these careers gives you the opportunity to work around dogs every day of your professional lives, and/or working around other types of animals as well. Those that spend their lives committed to animals and how they learn, what makes them happy, how they live, the medical attention they need, and the welfare they deserve are the angels of the animal world. Without these professionals, we may not have our fuzzy companions in the way we do now. If you’re considering a career in the animal field, you may just be an angel to a few animals – even if it’s just giving them a much needed brush.

Chelsy RanardChelsy Ranard

Chelsy is a writer from Montana who is now living in beautiful Boise, Idaho. She graduated with her journalism degree in 2012 from the University of Montana. She is passionate about animal rights, bad television, and white wine. She is a volunteer at Simply Cats in Boise.

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