6 Key Tips for Training Your Dog Effectively

6 Key Tips for Training Your Dog Effectively

When you have a puppy or a dog in your home, you expect big things from them without realizing it. Through my experience I have seen so many owners expect so much of their dogs without actually realizing what they are asking!

Some examples are:

  • Expecting their dog to come back to them in a dog off leash area from the moment they have the dog.
  • Expect the dog to be quiet and sit nicely whilst the owner is playing a sport right next to it.

As you can imagine these are quite impossible and sets the dog up to fail straight away.

Some Key Things to Remember for Successfully Training Your Dog to Do Pretty Much Anything You Want Them to Are:

  1. Consistency
  2. Repetition
  3. Follow through
  4. Consequence if action is incorrect
  5. Praise if action is correct
  6. The timing of these last two

The reward or payment for the dog needs to be given straight away or else you’ve missed the moment. It’s the same with corrections! If you missed the behavior going wrong, you cannot tell your dog off as they will not understand what they have done wrong.

Patience is also required, I liken to training a dog to learning a musical instrument, it take time, practice, and my words to all my clients is ‘what you put into your dog training, is what you will get out of it.’

So, with all of these put together you will start to make good headway with training your dog. Remember lots of practice each day, even just ten minutes every day will make a big difference and you will also improve the relationship you have with your dog.

Good luck!

Nicola WhiteNicola White

Nicola has trained with dogs for over 25 years, at this point to over 8000 dogs. She started her work doing volunteering in various Vet surgeries and animal shelters, particularly focusing on behavioural issues with abused and neglected dogs. Training under a Veterinary Behaviourist, learnt many aspects of canine psychology and behaviour. From there she worked for many years in various RSPCA shelters in parts of Australia. Eventually owning a franchise and formally training under the ‘Dog Whisperer’ in Australia. Nicola started her own business ‘The Dog Blog’, back in 2009 and has a very loyal customer base in Brisbane, Australia. Nicola regularly instructs vet nursing staff on how to run puppy schools, understand basics of dog behaviour and how to manage in a clinical situation. Nicola’s passion is to work with Mums out there with young children on how to care for their dogs and teach them how to control and manage their dogs in a family environment and overall be more confident with them. More can be found at www.thedogblog.com.au