Are You Ready For a Second Dog?

Are You Ready For a Second Dog?

With as much as you love your dog, it is easy to entertain the idea of getting a second one for your family.

While a second dog can be a great addition to the family, the decision to get one should not be taken lightly. There are a few important factors you should consider before making your final decision:

Are You Ready For the Commitment?

Having one dog is a lot of responsibility, but having two dogs requires about three times as much work. Not only will you have to train each dog separately, but you will also have to train them together so they learn to respect each other. They will also each require individual attention, as well as exercise. Many pet owners think that getting a second dog will help make the training easier, however, that is not necessarily the case. You will also need to consider the financial commitment. Two dogs means twice the number of vet visits, food, and maybe even pet car seat covers for those road trips.

Are You Happy With Your Dog’s Behavior Now?

Before you decide to get a second dog, it is important to think about how well your current pup is trained.

Do they have some bad habits that you haven’t broken yet?

If so, you may want to wait until those bad habits have been corrected. Dog’s do not always teach each other the best behaviors. Many dogs pass along annoying behaviors, such as constant barking or counter surfing. You want to be sure that your new pup won’t pick up on any awful habits.

How Tolerant Is Your Pup?

While adding a second dog can provide a wonderful companion for your current pooch, there are some dogs that simply do not enjoy the company of other dogs, especially if your pup has been a single dog for an extended period of time. It is important to figure out whether or not your pup will be tolerant of a second dog. If he isn’t, chances are that you will need to find yet, another new home for the new pup.

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