Connect with Your Dog Through Yoga

Watch to see what your dog does first thing in the morning when he wakes up. Most, if not all, dogs go through a stretching routine in which their tails wag over their heads as they push their chests out and extend their back legs. Essentially, they are doing a series of yoga poses. At times, you might wonder how they keep their balance because their legs are extended so far back. But somehow, not only do they keep their balance, they do so with the grace and ease of a cat. When the stretching routine is done, they go about their days barking at squirrels and chasing rabbits in the yard.

If your dog does this routine, then he is a natural for “doga,” or yoga for dogs. Now, doga is actually yoga for you and your dog, think of it as yet another way you can connect with your dog. Yoga is a term that means uniting or joining. Yoga is an ancient mental and physical discipline developed in India and incorporating the Hindu philosophy.

As with yoga, doga balances, purifies, harmonizes and indeed transcends the mind and body of the practitioner, whether it be human or canine. It creates a harmony of energy flow between the dog and the owner. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Your dog’s morning stretch is the classic downward-facing dog posture in yoga. This is, perhaps, the most natural pose for any dog.

Doga is nothing to mock, and it is becoming increasingly popular in our nation. Help Rex discover his inner dog on a padded mat, stretched out in a classic yoga pose. After all, you don’t want to deny your dog the karma he deserves.