Fun Activities to Keep Your Dog Active This Winter

Fun Activities to Keep Your Dog Active This Winter

Even when the weather is cold, there are still so many fun activities to keep your dog healthy and happy!

It’s important to make sure your dog gets plenty of playtime and exercise all year round, so why not try a few of these fun winter games and activities on a cold day?

Go Outside!

Snow and cold weather don’t automatically make play time outside impossible. In fact, your dog will love hopping around the in the snow and getting some fresh air.

If it’s snowing out, make sure your dog is equipped with some dog booties and a warm coat as they play. Keep them hydrated and look out for signs of exhaustion. If your dog is older, consider cutting their playtime to an a half hour or less before bringing them back inside.

Learn a New Trick

The more time your dog spends inside, the more boredom and restlessness can occur. To help keep your dog stimulated, active, and happy during cold days, try teaching him a new trick or reinforcing an old one!

Improve your dog’s response to everyday commands like “sit” and “stay,” or teach your dog a new trick all together. If you have kids, this is a great time to involve them in the fun. Have them join in for learning new tricks like find, handshake, hive five, and more!

Shopping Spree

If it’s a little too cold for a walk, but your dog is also anxious to get out of the house, try bringing him along for a shopping spree! Your dog will get a nice mellow exercise from walking down all the aisles with you without getting too cold or worn out. This is another great option for dogs with arthritis as well as senior dogs.

During your shopping spree, you’ll probably want to keep your seats protected from drool, snow, fur, and odors so your car doesn’t become a stinky dog den! So try using one of our washable 4Knines Car Seat Covers for car rides with your pooch. This is highly recommended if your dog spends anytime walking on snowy or wet walkways!

Seasonal Fun

With winter comes so many great events and activities to do with the whole family including your dog! As the new year approaches, there are tons of great (and free) activities to do around town. Look up local events in the town square, city park, and other places your dog can easily join with you.

Some events to look up are your town’s Trail of Lights, holiday movie screenings, family-friendly festivals, and events thrown by local animal shelters.

Dog Training Classes

If you have a rambunctious pup, you’ll likely need to keep him stimulated and active quite frequently. While the weather is bitter cold, consider signing your pup for a training course.

This is a great way to improve your dog’s recall on important commands. If your dog needs some extra attention in the behavior department, classes can help them improve while also giving them a chance to release some extra energy. On your way to your training classes, make sure you’ve got a 4Knines Car Seat Cover like we mentioned above. Puppies love to make unpredictable messes, so a cover will prevent any mishaps on the ride over!

That concludes our list of fun activities to keep your dog active when the weather is cold. We hope you have a wonderful winter season with your pup!

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