Fun Water Activities Your Pup Can Do at Home

Fun Water Activities Your Pup Can Do at Home

In some of our past blogs, we talked a little bit about water safety tips and how you can help keep your dog safe during the summer.

Spending some time romping around in the water can be a great way to help keep your pup cool this summer, but we understand that you won’t be able to take them out to the park or the lake every afternoon. However, there are plenty of ways your pup can have fun with water around the house.

Kiddie Pool

When our pups get hot after playing a game of fetch and are looking for a way to cool off, they will, often times, turn to their water bowl. No, we don’t mean for a drink. Instead, they proceed to splash around in their water bowl until their drinking water is all over them and the yard. For obvious reasons, we didn’t want them splashing around in and wasting their drinking water so, we decided to purchase a kiddie pool.

A small kiddie pool is a great way for your pup to cool off when they need it and it adds a little bit of extra fun to their day at home. You can find affordable kiddie pools at different places, but just be sure to move it around the yard so it doesn’t kill your grass. Also, we don’t recommend keeping it full all of the time as too much time in the water can lead to skin infections for some dogs.


If your dog loves water, then we would venture to guess that they love running through the sprinklers. Ours do! If you have your sprinklers going on a hot day, it is always a fun treat for the pups when they are allowed to run through the cold refreshing water. We also find it extremely entertaining to watch. Sometimes we will even turn on the water hose for a bit and let them play around.

These are just a few ways your pup can have fun with water while at home. However, whatever you do, don’t forget to put your pet car seat covers on before allowing your wet dog into the car!

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