How to Bring Your Pet With You on Your Next Vacation

How to Bring Your Pet With You on Your Next Vacation

Everyone looks forward to vacation, but many pet parents worry about leaving their best friends behind. After all, having fun just isn’t the same without Fido by your side.

Pets love vacation time just as much as we do; they get to sniff out new territories and meet new friends so they’re just as excited to tag along on the adventure.

But if the thought of bringing Fido along on your next vacation sounds overwhelming, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. After today’s article, you’ll be ready to head out safely with your buddy anywhere.

Before You Go

1. Get Fido Checked

It’s always a good idea to take a quick trip to the vet to make sure your pet is healthy enough for travel before you go. You want to ensure that there’s nothing going on internally that could come up while you’re away.

You should also let your vet know your plans in case there are medications that need to be refilled before you leave, or shots that will keep your pet protected in foreign countries.

2. Update Contact Information

Next, double check that Fido has an up-to-date collar tag with your contact details clearly listed.

When dogs visit new places, they’re known for getting excited and taking off. If Fido does wander off, he should have enough information on him to be safely returned.

It’s also smart to take an updated photo of your pup just to be safe. This way, if he does sneak away, you can show people exactly what he looks like, in case they’ve seen him.

3. Search for Pet-Friendly Accommodations

You don’t want to be turned away—or charged more unexpectedly—when you show up with your pet at a pet-restricted hotel or airline counter.

A neat and free resource to help you avoid this is called This site gives you tips on where to go in the US for pet-friendly accommodations and also provides insight about which airlines allow pets to fly.

Be sure to double check that your dog’s specific breed is allowed. Just because it says pet-friendly doesn’t mean everyone’s welcome unfortunately. Some hotels only allow small dogs to stay and many have a one or two-pet limit.

Travel Wisely

When traveling with pets, you must bring essentials like water and food with you at all times.

And if you’re flying, it’s best to avoid feeding your pup too much or giving them too much water before you go since bathroom breaks will be few and far between.

For international flights, you’ll need to also verify that your pet can fly and is okay to visit the country you’re landing in. Here’s a great resource outlining quarantine requirements.

Speaking of that, both the US and a few international countries require a health certificate that is less than 10 days old, so you’ll need to keep that in mind before you go.

To be safe, you should visit your vet twice before you leave for vacation: the first time to make sure your pet’s healthy, and the second time (within 10 days of departure) to receive a health clearance certificate.

Now, if a road trip is more your speed, you should also consider bringing comforting items from home such as a soft blanket, treats, and a few toys. For additional tips on how to drive safely with your pet, check out this article.

Going on vacation with your best friend will be a real treat for both of you to enjoy. However, you’ll need to do some careful planning and tackle a few travel essentials before you leave. Once those are knocked out, you guys will be in great shape for your getaway!

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