Important Tips for Your Dog’s Health

Important Tips for Your Dog’s Health

There is a chronic disease epidemic that is rampant in today’s pet population that has the central cause of an overactive or autoimmune response in the pet’s body that has lead to immune disorders across multiple organ systems.

 Whether one is talking about chronic skin allergies, ear infections, hot spots, feet chewing, etc; or talking about chronic digestive disorders, urinary tract diseases, joint disorders, hormonal disorders, brain/spinal disorders, cancers etc, the essence of what is going on in all of these conditions is the pet’s immune system is being over stimulated and triggered leading to disorders of these various organ systems. Traditional veterinary medicine’s only answers for these issues are strong immunosuppressive drugs and antibiotics, or powerful hormonal medications or suppressants that fail to address the underlying causes of all of these conditions.

After over 25 years of clinical experience in the veterinary profession, there are a few certain key issues that animal guardians can address that can hopefully reduce their pets’ chances at becoming part of this sad chronic disease epidemic.

First, and most importantly, is animal guardians need to STOP needlessly overvaccinating their pets year after year.

According to Ron Schultz, phd, considered by many to be the leading veterinary immunologist in the profession. The immunity to most core viral vaccination lasts for years to the life of the pet. Vaccinating more frequently than is immunologically necessary can only lead to worsening ill health and potential for chronic immune mediated diseases and cancers in pets.

Secondly, it is important to recognize that most veterinarians get very minimal training on how dogs and cats should evolutionarily eat to maintain long term health, and typically recommend processed, commercial pet foods that only contribute to long term disease and suffering.

It is ideal for animal guardians to feed a fresh, home made balance diet, by following recipes such as the ones in the book Dr Pitcairn’s Guide to Natural Health For Dogs and Cats By Richard Pitcairn, DVM, phd.

Thirdly, it is important to STOP the overuse of heartworm medications and flea/tick preventative pesticides, which when overused monthly for the life of the pet, often lead to a toxic buildup in the body of dangerous disease and cancer causing residues in our animal companions.

There are safer alternatives to these dangerous chemicals, diets and vaccinations, toward maximizing preventative health. In the coming months, I will be addressing specifically more in detail, how animal guardians can more safely prevent infectious and parasitic diseases, as well as raise their animal companions in a more empowered, health conscious manner.

Michael DymMichael Dym

My commitment and passion to enhancing our pets’ health, and strengthening the human/animal bond is what drives my dedication and passion to become a better homeopath through training and education. I live with my family in West Palm, Florida, and practice progressive integrative conventional medicine and/or holistic and homeopathic options depending upon the individual case. For more info go to:

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