June Charity Spotlight on Frosted Faces Foundation

June Charity Spotlight on Frosted Faces Foundation

For senior dogs, time is precious, and the good folks at Frosted Faces Foundation don’t want them to miss one second!

Frosted Faces is a non-profit corporation dedicated to matching forever families to senior dogs who have been left behind in the high-kill shelter systems of Southern California. Seniors are often deemed less adoptable and are among the first to be put to sleep when shelters need space to accommodate incoming dogs.

Frosted Faces staff and volunteers work with families interested in becoming designated Forever Families, conducting rigorous screenings to ensure all seniors are matched with a family committed to providing the safe, loving home they deserve. Unlike the traditional foster and adoption rescue process, this organization only commits to rescuing dogs when a pre-screened family is ready to welcome an “unadoptable” dog into their home. With a dedicated family already on deck, the dogs rescued by the Frosted Faces Foundation immediately know the love and comfort that they deserve.

After designated families open their hearts by welcoming a senior dog into their home, the Frosted Faces Foundation promises to cover the lifelong medical care for the senior dog. Veterinary partners and other companies donate a variety of services making every effort to improve the quality of life of each Frosted Face. In addition, each senior dog receives a minimum $32.99 monthly donation from a Frosted Face Fan, which helps cover lifelong veterinary costs including monthly medications.

Funded completely by donations, grants and fundraisers, the foundation does not charge any adoption fees.  Their goal is simple: Frosted Faces Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling the promise of family to the senior dogs whose love and lives are left behind in the shelter system. Each month, 4Knines makes a contribution to select pet charities. This month, 4Knines is proud to showcase and donate to the Frosted Faces Foundation, and we hope you will consider becoming a Fan as well!

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