June Charity Spotlight on Sammy’s Hope

June Charity Spotlight on Sammy’s Hope

They took their name from one of the dogs in the shelter called Samson (“Sammy” for short). Sammy is a large brindle Pit Bull/Boxer mix whose sweet demeanor and winning personality stole everyone’s heart.

 They felt he exemplified all the wonderful qualities of these misunderstood dogs but knew that it would be difficult to find him a forever home given the public’s perception of Pit Bulls. The idea behind “Sammy’s Hope” was that they would work their hardest to bring some hope to the future of Sammy, and all the animals like him unfortunate enough to find themselves homeless.

Sammy’s Hope became a formal animal welfare organization in September 2010. The organization grew out of 5 years of volunteer efforts at the Edison Animal Shelter by one of its co-founders, Elda Hubbard. Early in her experience as a volunteer, Elda, a JP Stevens High school teacher, started a program called JPaWS to give high school students the opportunity to volunteer at the shelter.

June Charity Spotlight on Sammy’s HopeFor Sammy’s Hope, like Sammy himself, they did not know what would lie ahead. Within a week of becoming a formal organization, Sammy himself was fostered and adopted a few months later. Within the first 6 month, Sammy’s Hope was able to move approximately 30 dogs out of the shelter that would have otherwise been considered unadoptable. This achievement far exceeded the initial expectations.

All animals in their care receive medical care (including vaccinations, testing and spay/neuter surgery), socialization and behavior training as needed.

They also serve as a resource to the community to help solve challenging pet behavior issues, support and operate TNR projects, and encourage and support humane treatment of all animals. They focus especially on animals that have been in shelters for especially long periods, those being overlooked for adoption for any number of reasons, and those whose behaviors may be hindering their adoption.

Sammy’s Hope is a place where other shelters and animal rescue organizations can send, on a selective basis, hard-to- place animals.

Their main partners are municipal animal shelters and rescue groups—including Liberty Humane Society, the Woodbridge Animal Shelter, the Trenton Animal Shelter, The Perth Amboy Animal Shelter, and the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center.

June Charity Spotlight on Sammy’s Hope

Sammy’s Hope provides a helpful and specialized resource for these organizations and their most at-risk animals. By offering more focused behavior support, frequent human and animal socialization, they vastly increase the chances and opportunities to place homeless dogs and cats in loving forever homes.

As with all nonprofits, Sammy’s Hope relies on the kindness of volunteers and the generosity of donors. Each month, 4Knines selects a worthy organization to “SPOTLIGHT,” and we hope you will join us in supporting Sammy’s Hope with your donation. Read more about Posh Pets Rescue on their website or Facebook.