Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

It’s almost summer time! As we have just passed Memorial Day weekend, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning your pet into their summer routine.

Summer is a fun time for many pets. Warmer weather means more water and outdoor activities! One of the best things you can do for your pet as a pet parent is to make sure they stay cool. So today, I would like to discuss a few ways to keep your dog cool during the summer.

1) Make Sure Your Dog is Drinking Enough Water

Staying hydrated is crucial to keeping your dog from overheating in the summer months. Not sure how much is enough? Check out this great post from Jenna Drady from Love is Being Owned by a Husky; Is Your Dog Drinking Enough Water? Get the facts on H2O!” Jenna tells you exactly how much water your dog should be drinking and tips for getting your dog to drink more water during the summer months.

2) Understand How Dogs Cool Themselves

It’s important to understand that dogs don’t cool themselves by sweating. While they do sweat some through their paws, they cool themselves by panting. There is a big difference between panting to keep cool and panting because they are close to heatstroke. You know your dog best if you feel that your dog is panting too much and might be at risk for heatstroke, take them to your emergency veterinarian immediately.

3) Try a Cooling Mat

Do you ever notice that dogs like to lay with their bellies on cold surfaces? This is because it helps cool them down. Cooling products come in a variety of different shapes and sizes these days. Including mats, dog bed inserts, or even cooling dogs beds. If your dog could still benefit from that perfect place to cool off, these products might be great for your pet this summer.

4) Visit the Water

If you have the opportunity to take your dog to the lake, a beach, or a pond, this is one of the most fun ways to stay cool in the summer. However, if you don’t have a body of water close by, you can always improvise with a baby pool. If your dog doesn’t like bodies of water, there are lots of water and sprinkler toys on the market that can provide fun and hydration for your dog.

5) Shady Spots

If your dog has to stay outside for any extended period of time, make sure that they have access to water AND a shady place to keep cool. Once you get your dog’s shady spot set up, it might be worth it to add misters to keep your dog cool on those extra hot days.

So those are my tips for keeping your dog cool! Share with us how you keep your dog cool during the summer.


rachel sheppardRachel Sheppard

Rachel Sheppard is the author and founder of My Kid Has Paws. She is a Social Media Manager, blogger, corgi mom, animal lover, volunteer, graduate student, and shoe collector.

After graduating from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science & Management, she worked as a Veterinary Assistant for 3 years. Her daily interactions with pet parents inspired her to start her blog focused on pet health, pet rescue, and pet products. She has a true enthusiasm for veterinary medicine and animal science, and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences with pet parents.

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