Keeping Your Dog Safe at the Dog Park

It is important to teach your dog the skills needed to have a good experience at the dog park. Or at the very least, your dog needs to be taught to come to you when you call so you can settle him down if need be or just so you are in control of any situation. Here are a few things to remember when you take your dog to the dog park.

You might be hesitant, but take the leash off your dog while at the park. If you have done the recommended training, observed the other dogs in the park and checked out the safety and design of the dog park then you have done a good job in making the experience a safe and fun one for your dog. Keep in mind that leashes can interfere with the natural movements of your dog. Besides, what is the point of taking your dog to the dog park if you keep him on a leash?

If you own a small dog, you need to take a few things into consideration. Again, take a look around and observe the other dogs in the park. You might discover a small part of the park where smaller dogs have gathered. There might also be specific times when only small dogs are allowed in the park.

As long as your dog is having a good time, stay and enjoy the day. However, if your dog isn’t taking delight in the experience, then you need to leave. If other dogs are getting out of control, your best bet is to quietly exit and come back some other time.

No matter how interesting the story your new acquaintance is telling, keep your attention focused on your dog. Even if all is well with your dog as well as the other dogs, things can go south rather quickly. It is best if you remain vigilant.

Lastly, your dog will no doubt get a little dirty from running and playing at the dog park. It is best if you utilize a dog seat cover to keep the interior of your car clean and fresh.  Visit 4Knines to check out their dog seat covers!

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