October Charity Spotlight on Panda Paws Rescue

October Charity Spotlight on Panda Paws Rescue

Rescue, Rehabilitation & Hospice

“Our rescue’s goal is to end the homelessness, abuse & neglect of all animals. To be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. To stand up and make a change. When we can, to care for those sick, injured, or dying at the hands of others. To nurture and find loving forever homes for them. To make a change, to make a life better, to be an advocate. To care.” 

Meet Amanda, the Founder of Panda Paws Rescue

From early childhood, Amanda has always felt the need to rescue and help others. Whether it was a less fortunate child in school that she would give her lunch to or a stray animal, that she would spend hours on end talking to just to be able to pick it up and rescue it.

Many years later, Amanda started working 12 hour shifts at a 24hour Vet Clinic, working with the animal care, treatment, emergency situations and surgery. This was her passion caring for these fur babies and yet she felt that she was needing to do more.

“It broke my heart knowing that this dog had emotions & feelings; it was watching & understanding that it was in a scary place without getting the familiarities of its owner or the care it deserved because it didn’t have anyone to vouch for his or her bill. So, I started to foster these “Good Sams” in my own home & assume their medical bill myself because I knew we could treat them & give them a great quality of life eventually. As a staff member, you would think I would have a great discount, but that wasn’t the case. So, these bills built up quickly & I was a single mom raising two children at that time. I already had my own household to support so there was only so much I could do on top of what I was doing.”

Fast forward, Amanda met and eventually married the love of her life, Gary. When Gary came along, he found a very sick 25-year old single mother of two, working around the clock just trying to make ends meet. “Gary asked me what my dream was & I told him two things. 1. I wanted to run a nonprofit rescue for special needs animals & 2. I wanted to open a dance studio teach less fortunate street kids how to use motion as a healthy form of expression.  Within 6 months he convinced me to quit my job & follow my dreams… after getting healthy!”

Gary and Amanda ran their rescue for 3 years as a Non-Profit. Rescuing all the animals they could, all special needs or medically needy, all of which 100% of the costs coming out of their bank accounts. Amanda, took things step by step, did extensive research, filed all necessary paperwork, met with everyone she needed to meet with, came up with a business plan. Amanda worked diligently for nine months, all without the help of an expensive attorney.

Panda Paws Rescue became a 501c3 a Non-Profit Organization in 2011.  

Amanda’s goal and that of our foundation is to “end the homelessness, abuse and neglect of all animals. She strives to focus on quality over quantity and taking in those that are major medical &/or special needs. Amanda & her team take the time to educate and raise awareness within the community as well as empower others to make a difference. As a family, they firmly believe that if we work together as a team, our accomplishments will show exponential growth. Panda Paws Rescue vouches and has proven to be a voice for those who cannot speak themselves and to stand up and make a change, to be an advocate for these animals.”

Panda Paws Rescue, a Non-Profit, In-Home Rescue based out of Washington, relies on volunteers and donations to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

This Organization needs our help to continue to serve as “Guardian Angels” to these precious Fur Babies. To learn more about the mission and work of Panda Paws Rescue, please visit their Website and Facebook page. Please, consider joining 4Knines in supporting this worthy organization by making a donation  or you can also purchase Panda Gear. Together we can help Panda Paws Rescue continue caring for and honoring animals’ lives, one paw at a time.