Solving Your Canine’s Bad Breath Problem

Solving Your Canine’s Bad Breath Problem

The most irritable thing about even your closest friend can be if he/she is suffering from bad breath. How do you even tell someone, obviously without embarrassing him, that they are suffering from bad breath?

A gift pack consisting of dental hygiene products could be given to point out politely that the person is suffering. But, there is always the chance that it might turn out to be too subtle or the other person may be offended by it. Ah! This is a difficult situation to be in.

However, if your best friend is a canine, then he will not only understand, but will be thankfully playful about it. It is inevitable that dogs will suffer from bad breath, so it will help if you understand the underlying causes. Here is the list of major causes and how to treat them:


The major cause of a canine’s bad breath is the buildup of odor producing bacteria in your dog’s mouth, lungs, or stomach. However, if the bad breath is persistent, it can be an indication of more serious problems and a vet should be consulted in the shortest possible time for proper treatment. However, a more specific case of bad breath or Halitosis can be caused by dental or gum disease. So, you have identified that it is most probably due to bacteria. What to do next?

Let us move on to possible cures.

Brush Your Dogs Teeth

Just as humans can suffer from bad breath due to poor dental hygiene, so can our loyal canine friends. And in most cases this is our fault. We suggest if you adopt a puppy start brushing the pup’s teeth from a young age, when the habit is easier to adapt to. But, be warned human toothpaste is dangerous for dogs. It will upset their stomach. So, buy some dog toothpaste and start improving dental hygiene.

Use Carrots, Parsley and a Bit of Lemon

Consumed in moderate quantities, these are actually good for your dog. Carrots will help in clearing off the plaque and parsley will work as a natural breath freshener. Additionally, you can also add a small quantity of lemon to the water that your dog drinks.

Hygiene of Eating Bowls

Just because your pet is a dog, does not mean that you should leave their utensils unclean. In their natural habitat, they have access to clean water more or less. The thing about dog eating habits is that they slurp a lot of water back into the reservoir. The same is the case with food. This means that if not cleaned regularly, there can be an unnecessary buildup of bacteria, which eventually leads to bad breath. You can browse for personalized bowls in Groupon which are easier to clean, or perhaps it will be more befitting if you put in the effort to make one yourself.

Use Quality Treats and Chew Toys

Try to use natural and quality treats, which will help your dog in fighting against the bacteria causing bad breath. Similar is the case with chew toys. Not only, will they keep your pet occupied, but also rub off plaque, which means less dental decay.

Using Dog Mouth Wash

We will admit outright that this is not our preferred method of treating Halitosis. In most cases, it will only badly mask the problem and not solve it. But, if you or your vet think that it will benefit then it is good enough for us as well.

Although, we have used it throughout the short article we will say it once more, it is all about dental care. Most bad breath situations can be handled with proper dental hygiene. But, for all problems we strongly suggest visiting your regular vet and consulting him rather than carrying treatments on your own. Now, we will go back to pondering how to tell a human that he is suffering from bad breath.

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