Things to consider when purchasing a Dog Seat Cover for your car, SUV or truck

If your pet loves to go on car rides, a great car seat cover is a must. There a many different seat covers on the market that range in price from $13.99 to over $132.99. Given all the options there a several things you should consider before purchasing your pet car seat cover.

  1. How often will you be using it.This is an important consideration because the more often you use the cover the more durable it will need to be.
  2. The type of material.

Is it one layer? Is it padded?

Many times the covers on the market are a single layer. This is fine if you have a smaller dog but if you have a big dog with strong nails you are going to want something with padding to help protect the seat from claw marks.

How strong is the material?

A common material used today is microfiber, which feels nice but often is not very strong and can rip or tear easily. Look for a heavy duty material like 600D polyester which is almost canvas-like and will be very durable.

3.  Standard configuration or hammock configuration.


Some covers are a standard configuration only, which is nice if you like to keep the cover in all the time. Standard models are easier when people need to ride in the back.


This version has straps that connect to the front seat head rests and help keep your dog in place while in the car. This is a great feature if you have a pet that like to move around a lot and tries to get up to the front seat.

Both/ Hybrid

The best of both. Some covers have an extra flap which hangs down onto the floor with straps. This flap can be left unattached in a standard configuration or can be fitted over the front headrests to make it into a hammock.

4.  Seat Belt Openings.

This is a very important feature. Some states are starting to fine owners who are caught with         their pet riding in their lap and are encouraging owners to harness their dogs while riding in the car. Therefore, you need the ability to get to the seat belt attachments. Some covers have permanent holes while others have Velcro or zippered holes to prevent dirt from getting behind the cover when you are not using the seat belt connector.

5.   Size. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s website or packaging for measurements to ensure the cover will fit well in your vehicle

6.   Color. A personal preference based on your car’s interior or how dirty you think your pet could make it.

7.   Price. Decide which features will benefit you the most and shop for the best deal.

8.   Manufacturer. Are they reputable? Do they have good reviews? Do they offer a guarantee?

The 4Knines Car Seat Cover is made of quilted, durable, waterproof material that is made to last.  It has reinforced headrest straps, a nonslip backing and seat anchors to keep it in place.  It can be used as a hammock or a regular seat cover.  The velcro seat belt openings allow easy access to the seat belts.  4Knines Car Seat Covers also come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Buy yours today on 4Knines or on Amazon.

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