Walking or Playing with Your Dog is Important, But Just as Important is the Mental Stimulation That All Dogs Need

Dogs, just like humans, need a certain level of activity for optimal health. Now, walking or playing with your dog is important, but just as important is the mental stimulation that all dogs need. In the same sense that you forgo the treadmill for a stimulating book, your dog needs a way to channel their energy into an organized activity that forces them to use their head. There are times when your dog may have felt the need to create their own fun, only it was at the expense of your favorite shoes or throw rug. There are plenty of doggie puzzles and toys designed to stimulate and challenge your dog in brilliant ways.

The Tug-N-Jug is a plastic jug that you fill with your dog’s favorite treats. Fido’s task is to discover that by pushing a plunger and pulling it out again, he is rewarded with a treat. Your dog sees the treats, smells the treats and when the puzzle is solved, he gets to taste sweet victory.

Paw Hide looks much easier than it really is. Hidden under cups are treats your dog can remove only after discovering the secret. This game is perfect for any type of dog as it encourages natural searching and foraging instincts.

If your dog likes to play with tennis balls, then the Cagey Cube is a perfect fit. A ball is placed in a flexible cage and can only be freed with persistence and fortitude.

For those who prefer to create their own type of games, all you need are treats, an assortment of balls and a muffin tin. Simply drop bite-sized treats in the muffin tin, place balls over the treats and watch your dog figure out how to remove the balls and expose the treats.

These mental activities will effectively release built-up energy in a positive manner. One of these games is sure to be a perfect fit for your dog.

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