Which Dog Breed Is Best For Families?

Which Dog Breed Is Best For Families?

Are you thinking about adding a dog to your bustling family? If you have small kids, you want a dog that gets along with children. With so many different dog breeds out there, you may be wondering which ones tend to have the best temperament for small children. We have a few suggestions:

Golden Retrievers

If you don’t love a golden retriever, you must be a bad person. Seriously, of all the dog breeds, this is one that is almost always friendly, sweet and eager to please. Featuring infinite patience, these gentle dogs love to play with children.  


These silly, energetic dogs love to play, and they tend to be less aggressive with people than other breeds. This pack-oriented breed loves nothing more than to be surrounded by their family members. These dogs require quite a bit of exercise, so your kids will love playing with them in the backyard.

Labrador Retrievers

Almost as popular as golden retrievers are Labrador retrievers, who are equally as lovable as their fluffy cousins. These bouncy, energetic dogs love to play with kids and to be close to their family members. Your kids could even go swimming with these dogs, who love to play in the water.


If you grew up watching Lassie, you probably remember how this collie always rescued Timmy from danger. Although real collies probably won’t perform any death-defying acts of courageousness, they still make excellent family pets. Unlike some other dog breeds, these animals aren’t just loyal to one person. Instead, they bond closely with the entire family and they get along with other pets as well.


If you are looking for a small-breed dog that gets along well with kids, a beagle might be the perfect dog for you. These friendly little hound dogs are full of energy and love to play fetch in the yard with the kids. If you need a dog to help wear out your kids, a beagle might be the way to go.

Bull Terriers

The most famous bull terrier of all time was Spuds MacKenzie, the eighties spokesdog for Bud Light. Don’t confuse these dogs for party animals; they make great family dogs and have a lovably goofy outlook on life. These little guys love to play and are quite intelligent and friendly. Although these dogs are smaller in stature, they still retain a heartiness and won’t grow upset if your children play with them too roughly.

Standard Poodles

Although we wouldn’t recommend toy poodles or miniature poodles for families with small kids, a standard poodle could be a great choice. Featuring a shaggy, goofy appearance, your kids will love these dogs at first sight. Not only are these dogs good-natured, they enjoy playing with children. Because these dogs don’t shed as much as other breeds, they are great choices for families with allergies.


These big, fluffy dogs look like giant stuffed animals, and they are perfectly kid-friendly. Remember Nana from Peter Pan? She was a Newfoundland who watched over the kids with care. Although we would recommend against using a dog as a nanny, a Newfoundland would get along wonderfully with your children.

French Bulldogs

With their bat-like ears and cute little faces, you and your family will absolutely adore a French bulldog. Their small, stocky build is quite hearty, and they are always eager to please. Featuring a goofy sense of humor, these dogs are sure to make your kids giggle frequently. If you are looking for a good-natured dog that doesn’t require a lot of exercise, these dogs could be an excellent choice.


You don’t need to track down a fancy dog breed to find the perfect family dog. In fact, your favorite dog could be found at your local animal shelter. Mixed-breeds are less likely to experience the health problems associated with purebred dogs. Usually, the best family dogs for small children are medium to large-sized dogs. However, if your kids are a little older, you could find a great small dog as well.

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